Marian H. Wallis- President

Ms. Wallis has more than 20 years of financial and business leadership. During her career, Ms. Wallis has contributed to the accelerated growth and turnaround of corporations in the high tech pipe manufacturing & distribution, oil & gas technology, computer technology, and finance and business consulting industries. ISAS benefits particularly from Ms. Wallis's ability to impact business profitability, to initiate change through skill and drive, to mobilize resources, to generate and synthesize ideas, to set plans into motion - bringing them to closure - and to structure and direct valuable contracts and agreements.

In 1998 Wallis founded Innovative Strategic Advanced Systems (ISAS), a high technology company in Denver , Colo. Now, headquartered in New Orleans, La. ISAS has offices in California, Alabama, and Colorado. Under her leadership, ISAS designs, and markets state of the art ruggedized portable test, measurement and computational products. These products are used for measurement applications in numerous markets such as: traditional test & measurement, military/aerospace, automotive, utilities, oil & gas exploration and marine/maritime.

In October 2003, Ms. Wallis launched a new logistics corporation, Innovative Logistics Support Services (ILSS), also headquartered in New Orleans, La. and headed by CEO Joseph W. Threat. ILSS delivers customized solutions, based on best business practices, to individual, corporate and government clients allowing for reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increased efficiency throughout the supply chain. Drawing upon a unique blend of entrepreneurial and traditional warehouse perspectives, disciplines, and resources enable ILSS to meet virtually any warehousing or logistic need.

Ms. Wallis is involved in a diverse mixture of ventures including Wallis-Perry, a Louisiana women-owned municipal bond firm, a real estate firm, and warehousing across the Southeast. Ms. Wallis has traveled extensively worldwide. And, through these travels, has built partnerships with companies abroad.

Ms. Wallis holds a B.S. in Economics from Duke University and several certifications in finance from her tenure in France. There she was employed by Banque Occidental pour L'Industris et le Commerce in Paris. And, later she was employed by Merrill Lynch, International in New York.




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