ISAS DM224 Repair and Calibration Program

Purpose: To provide existing DM224 product owners a fast and economical way to have their DM224 cards repaired.

How it works: ISAS repair service hours are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday, Central Time Zone, with the exception of ISAS holidays. The customer will call ISAS at 504-486-2500 or email ISAS at and ask for a repair service representative. The customer will provide the following information by phone or email:

             - DM224 Serial #
             - What problems are being experienced and, if                 available, under what conditions were these                         errors occurring

The ISAS service representative will then issue the customer an RMA number. The customer will then return the product to ISAS with either an $800.00 Purchase Order or complete an ISAS credit card authorization form, in advance, to pay for any repair. The customer will also be responsible for shipping charges to and from the ISAS service location.

In Warranty
If the product is under warranty, the DM224 will be repaired under terms of the original ISAS warranty program and returned after repair.

Out of Warranty
If the product is repairable ISAS will ship a repaired/refurbished DM224 back to the customer within ten working days. All repaired/refurbished cards will be calibrated using ISAS’ standard factory calibration procedures. Then the customer will be billed the $800.00 repair/replacement fee and any associated shipping to and from the ISAS service location. Repaired or refurbished cards will carry a 90-day warranty on the repair work. An extended warranty may be Purchased if so desired.

In/Out of Warranty, Damaged by Customer
Damage conditions are covered except for damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, mishandling or misapplication of the device. If it is determined that the damage on a retuned DM224 was caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, mishandling or misapplication of the device, and the DM224 is not repairable, ISAS will notify the customer and a $100.00 handling fee will be billed. Should the customer wish to purchase a new card at current list price, ISAS will apply this handling fee towards their purchase.

Calibration Service
ISAS offers a standard DM224 factory calibration service, for properly functioning cards, to its customers. The cost is $150 plus shipping and handling. If scheduling arrangements are made with ISAS before hand, turn around can be as little as 5 working days. Please call or email us to schedule a calibration.


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