• Dual isolated 6 1/2 Digit multimeters with independent mode, range and rate settings.
  • Sample buffer of 4096 reading per DMM
  • Digitizing "storage scope" operation including edge and level triggering modes. Pre-triggering up to 4095 samples. Internal or external triggering
  • Continuous "FIFO" data streaming mode or single conversion mode
  • 10Hz to 10KHz reading rates on both DMM’s
  • DC range of +/-200mV, +/-1V, +/-2V, +/-10V, +/-20V, and +/-100V
  • True RMS AC ranges of 1V, 10V and 100V on DMM1 up to 12KHz bandwidth

Other measurement functions include:

  • Resistance
  • Diode check function
  • Zener diode test up to 10V
  • 16 digital I/O’s configurable with built-in frequency, pulse and period measurement logic
  • 2x 24bit counters with built in frequency, pulse and period measurement logic
  • External clock and timing pulse generator

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