Clark Braud - Product Development and Marketing Manager

Mr. Braud has over 24 years of sales/marketing and business development experience in electronic instrumentation and systems market place. At ISAS he is responsible for developing sales and marketing strategies for new and existing products. He also manages ISAS's field sales, technical support staff and new product development team.


From 1996 to 2002 Mr. Braud was a Solution Consultant for Hewlett-Packard Co (Agilent Technologies) custom test system business. There he led a team of Engineers that developed requirement specifications and proposals for various production and R&D design verifications test systems. These test systems were used in a variety of industries including cellular phone manufacturing/design and service, satellite production testing, cable modem (DOCIS) design verification, VSAT terminal manufacturing, radar testing, and general purpose Data Acquisitions Systems.


Prior to this Mr. Braud was Hewlett-Packard's Test and Measurement Group U.S. Account manager for Ericsson; Ericsson is a worldwide manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. While in this position he developed relationships with Ericsson's high-level management team that led to increased sales of Hewlett-Packard products. During his tenure as account manager, he won numerous sales awards, including being honored annually at Hewlett-Packard's winners' circular event as Hewlett-Packard's top achiever.


Mr. Braud holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineer from the University of New Orleans . He has also held various officer positions with the local chapters of ISA and IEEE.





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